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Re: The Appropriate Glues and things

Dear Kathie

Thanks for your advice on this.  I hope Susan can help me out -
especially in view of the possibly difficult problem that I am on the
other side of the world.  I'll email her now.


Robyn Sassen

> >what I need to know is the appropriate type of glue that can
> >be used to collage the photographs on successfully, without bubbling
> >and lifting problems.
> There is a rather new product out called "Perfect Paper Adhesive".  It is
> put out by a company called Art Quest and I have used it for collage in the
> past with great success, although, never on wood.
> Here's what the bottle says:  A permanent and archival acrylic adhesive made
> to adhere all weights and textures of paper to virtually any surface.  UV
> resistant, this transparent, semi-gloss finish is durable and
> flexible--ideal for use with fine art papers.  Specially formulated by
> collage artist Susan Pickering Rothamel"
> It sells for around $7.00 for a 8.5 oz. bottle, although a smaller one is
> available.
> I have communicated with Susan through e-mail in the past, and know that she
> would be happy to answer any questions about her product.  Her e-mail is
> AQSue@xxxxxxxx  She does not retail the product herself, but I'm sure she
> will be glad to tell you of a local retail source.  She also has some other
> neat collage type products, including sheets of mica which can be seperated
> into ultra thin layers and used in collage.
> Hope that helps some.
> Kathie   San Diego
> Rubber Angel
> Paper Wings TM   PO Box 90582   San Diego, Ca  92169-2582
> "Angelic Papers & Accessories to Express Your Creativity"
> Catalog $2, credited toward purchase of $10 or more

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