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Wheat starch paste

The book _Cover to Cover_ (by Shereen La Plantz) gives the
following recipe for making archival wheat starch paste in a

   1 tablespoon wheat starch (available at art supply stores)
   5 tablespoons distilled water

   1.  Empty wheat starch into microwave-safe bowl and add
       distilled water.
   2.  Place in microwave oven and cook on high setting for
       25-30 seconds.
   3.  Remove and stir thoroughly.
   4.  Microwave again on high setting for another 25-30
   5.  Remove and stir again.
   6.  Repeat steps 2-5 for another 2-3 minutes (varies with
       power of microwave unit).
   7.  Let paste ttand for 2-3 minutes to cook and thicken.
   8.  Strain.
   Note:  Mine always gets very thick this way, so I add more
          water after step 7.  then I allow it to cool
          another 15-20 minutes and usually have to add more
          water.  Then I strain it.  Use an old nylon
          stocking, a piece of organza, or several layers of
          cheesecloth for straining.

As the last remaining American without a microwave, am I
correct in assuming that this can instead be made as one
would standard wheat paste (placing starch in saucepan,
gradually adding water while vigorously stirring to break up
lumps, cooking over low flame until clear, stirring
constantly, and then removing from heat and stirring until
well blended)?

Thank you very much.


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