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Re: Drills for 4-hole stab bindings

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Message text written by "The Book Arts: binding, typography, collecting"

">Do you have any idea how the Dremel Multi-Pro compares with
>the drill-action hole punch available from Colophon Book
>Arts? "

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The Japanese hole punch from Colophon is a great hand tool. I've had one
since Don first started carrying them, and it's a superb tool for cutting=

accurate holes (of different diameters). It's not a power tool. It's hand=

held and has a ratchet cutting action. I think he may sell the bits
separately, but if you want one, you should probably buy all the bits. =

I've used a variable speed power drill to  cut needle sized holes through=

binder's board--in edition work. The Japanese tool wouldn't be much use f=
that. Dremel might work there, but I've just bought one. Haven't tried it=

yet. =

Susan King
Paradise Press

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