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Holes for Stab Binding

Hello Virginia and all:

I have a Japanese hole punch set from Colophon.  It is a very "nice to have
tool" but cannot do what my cordless drill does.  The hole punch is a stylus
shaped tool with and internal mechanism to allow it to screw down when
bearing down into paper (sometimes called a screw punch).  A selection of
tips allow a variety of small sized holes.  It is not meant to go through
too many layers of paper.  The advantage of this punch over a regular plier
style hand held punch is that there is no throat depth to restrict you.    I
also have a Dremel moto-tool, but again feel it is lighter duty than I want
for my 1" thick stab bound photo albums and journals.  I prefer to use a
5/32" drill bit for 1/8"- 1/4" ribbon or cord in a cordless drill.   It does
chew out the paper, but good clamping and sharp drill bits help keep it
neat.  (Rivets or grommets in the top and bottom covers  can add a nice
touch and finished look).   To hold it all together for drilling. I love the
soft jawed Quick-Grip mini clamps found at Home Depot and hardware stores.
I use the 12" long bar size most, but have recently discovered a much
smaller version which is ideal for smaller books, jewelry making etc.

Raven Regan

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