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>Date: Mon, 01 Sep 1997 15:47:27 -0500
>From: Anne Binder <abinder2@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: Book Arts list <pdverhey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>CC: Anne Binder <abinder2@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Call-for-entries: DAYS OF THE HANDMADE BOOK
>There is room for 7 more book artists who may wish to participate in our=
>exhibit and sale taking place in South Bend, IN on October 11 & 12.=20
>Information follows. Please e-mail me directly if you wish a=20
>call-for-entries sent to you.=20
>For those artists who have registered, information regarding the sending=
>of your books will be snailed on Wed. Sept 2.
>The Michiana Calligraphy Guild in South Bend, IN is pleased to announce
>a call-for-entries for their sponsored event, THE DAYS OF THE HANDMADE=20
>BOOK, to be held on October 11 and 12 at the Colfax Cultural Center,=20
>South Bend. This is a non-juried show limited to forty book=20
>artists/calligraphers/letter-press editioned books. Each registered=20
>artist may send up to four handmade books for the exhibit. We will also=20
>have a consignment area for handmade journals, reproduced works,=20
>handmade papers, and other items related to the theme of handmade books=20
>that artists are encouraged to participate in registering for.
>This event was held in Feb 1996 with only two months prep time and it
>was a complete success. With the added luxury of time for this year=92s=20
>event we hope to make it an even bigger success!
>The fee is $20 per artist (not piece). This will cover our guild=92s
>expenses. The artists may set their own sale prices. The Colfax Cultural=
>Center will retain a 20% commission on all items sold.
>Exhibit space will be limited to the first forty artists who register.
>For additional information and registration contact Anne Binder e-mail:
>abinder2@xxxxxxxxxxxx OR Joya Helmuth e-mail: jbhelmuth@xxxxxxx
>Looking forward to hearing from you!
>Anne Binder and Joya Helmuth, co-chairs
>Michiana Calligraphy Guild
>PO Box 11513
>South Bend, IN 46601
>Anne Binder
>Email: abinder2@xxxxxxxxxxxx
>South Bend, Indiana USA

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