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Re: Drills for 4-hole stab bindings

A "chuck" is the think you turn and tighten on drills to hold the actual
drill bit or screwdriver bit. A drill press is basically a drill held in a
stand or built as part of it which allows one to drill perfectly straight
(at 90 degrees) into whatever it is you are drilling. They usually have a
lever or wheel to turn which lowers the drill.

Hope this helps.


At 09:13 AM 9/2/97 EDT, you wrote:
>"Peter D. Verheyen" <pdverhey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>  I suppose you could always try to fit your holepunch size
>    of choice into a Dremel or drill press. The hole punches
>    should fit into a Dremel chuck. I know they'll work in a
>    regular drill. Should work, though you might have to
>    empty it out on occasion. You also won't be able to drill
>    through too many leaves / sections either due to the short
>    length and shape of the punch.  Just make sure it's sharp.
>Thank you very much.  For someone whose only contact with a
>drill was in the dentist's chair, could you please elaborate
>a little on the terms (such as "chuck", or the difference
>between a Dremel and a drill press)?
>Thanks again.  I really appreciate it.

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