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bookbinding hand tools

I'm posting the following message at the request of a long-
time friend who is not computer-equipped:

Bookbinder John Lariviere is retiring and wishes to sell a
collection of hand tools assembled over more than 40 years.
The tools include 12 lines, 2 double-curved gouges, 17 gouges,
hand-held pallet, 15 hand-held pallets suitable for commercial-
style bindings, 4 wheels, and more than 50 decorative tools.

Lariviere has priced the tools individually to total $4,030
Canadian (about $3,000 U.S.), but wishes to sell the lot as
a whole and offers it, with 2 burnishing tools and 2 creasers,
for $3,500 Canadian (about $2600 U.S.), buyer to assume shipping
costs.  Lariviere lives near the U.S./Canada border and it
should be possible for him to post the tools in the U.S. to a
U.S. buyer.  He can provide an inventory and proof prints of
the tools.

Anyone with serious interest should call John at 613-721-1182
or by mail at 211-1071 Ambleside Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K28 6VA.

Thanks............Sid Huttner

Sidney F. Huttner . Curator, Special Collections . McFarlin Library .
2933 East 6th Street . Tulsa, OK 74104-3123 . Phone: 918-631-3133 .
         Fax: 918-631-5022 . Email: huttner@xxxxxxxxxx .
          McFarlin home page: http://www.lib.utulsa.edu

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