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Re: Drills for 4-hole stab bindings

Mine too!  My only caveat is my inability to drill a straight hole, its
usually always on a slight bias which really doesn't matter because its
either yawl (left or right) or pitched to the "spine"  -- I used the
egg-beater type drill with a 1/32 bit to repair paperback textbooks in
college.  It's amazing what a simple saddle stitch will do for the life
of a "trade" papberback!  Kudos to My Favorite MENTOR and BUDDY, MIKE

BTW, a Dremel mototool is just too fast even at low rpm to avoid singeing
the hole you're drilling, ergo I gave up using one long ago and I
appreciate the aesthetics of hand-drilling and going slow.  (IMHO)


Rommel John Miller                        rjmiller1095@xxxxxxxx
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On Tue, 2 Sep 1997 12:28:41 EDT Mike Kaylor <Mike.Kaylor@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>My favorite tool for thick stab bindings is an old fashioned, egg beater
>hand drill. They are still available in hardware stores. I have seen
some made
>by Stanley as well as futuristic looking take-offs. I use very small
>bits; 1/32. 1/16 & 3/32 work well. I clamp the book with electricians
>from Sears (also avail. in hardware stores) . You can work at any speed
>like and the drill leaves only a very small excess at the exit point
which is
>easily smoothed with a bone folder. I give many Binding workshops for
>(of all ages) and have great success and lots of fun with these tools.
>Mike Kaylor
>Washington College

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