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bookbinding in England

it depends on if you want commercial type binding or artist binding.

London College of Printing in the Elephant and Castle section of London has
commercial binding.

I know that there are several colleges which teach courses on more art type
binding, but I can't remember their names. there is a book (name also
escapes me, but any major bookstore will know it) which is sold in most
bookstores in London which lists most to all of the classes available in
the London area and they have an extensive list of classes the field. you
may be able to find it on the web or find an email address for Waterstone's
or Dillon's, two major London bookstore chains. the book may also list
non-London programs, but I can't promise that.

if you are looking for book arts (but don't expect more than basic binding
and precious amounts of that too), try the master's program at Camberwell
College of Arts. I took this program in its first year and I was sadly
disappointed that they taught very few skills. as an art program, however,
they allow a lot of latitude, and the teachers are excellent.


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