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Re: Stab-Bound Journals

In a message dated 97-09-01 04:53:58 EDT, you write:

<< Can anyone please recommend the best method of punching holes
 in both pages and covers for stab-bound journals? >>
 With respect to the problem of punching holes in both pages and covers for
stab-bound journals, hadn't Linda Caruco's ex-hubby Sammy solved this
As you recall, Sammy is a precision blaster in Houston, and on a visit to
home in happier times, I was shown an inexpensive, miniature shaped charge
he had designed for just such an application. The discovery was
as is usually the case in science. The device was originally being developed
a quick way of performing root canals, but the DDS with whom Sammy was
inadvertantly laid one of the charges on a stack of seven journals with a
page count of 1,536. Just before they were to try out the device for root
surgery on the dentist's brother-in-law, the charge that had been laid on the
stack of journals went off and drilled a hole through the seven journals so
cleanly that under microscopic inspection, the edges were so sharp that the
only image at the edges was composed of light refraction patterns. The
brother-in-law excused himself for a moment, while Sammy and the dentist dis-
cussed the possible commercial applications of this chance discovery. As you
might also recall, Sammy's younger half-sister, Rebecca, is, or rather was, a
book binder, and it was she who soon after pointed out the use of the shaped
charge in punching holes in both the covers and pages of stab-bound journals.

  The brother-in-law was later arrested for manslaughter after killing the
dentist with a B&D 3/8" chuck drill (non-reversing). And Rebecca joined the
Carmelites under the mistaken impression that they made candy, and we all
Rebecca's love of caramel, dontcha know? Anyway, if your friends would like
find Sammy and ask about the use of shaped charges in their work, he can
be found at the end of a dock in Galveston, where Tim Bob's Seafood House
to be, until it was taken out by a hurricane in the late 80s. I hope that
has been some use to you and your friends.


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