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Re: Washington Book Fair Seminar 9/20/97

Susan--I thought you might be interested in this item that appeared on the
Book Arts List.


> The ABAA Southeast Chapter is proud to host booksellers Priscilla
> Juvelis and Sarah Baldwin who will speak on "Women as Writers: Movers
> and Shakers," on Saturday, September 20 from 1-2pm at the Fair. They
> will focus on 19th and early 20th century America.
> Ms. Juvelis and Ms. Baldwin will detail how the history of women in
> America and what they wrote about is a history of our social
> conscience that encompasses the full spectrum of the human condition:
> child care, education, free religious thought, temperance, pacifism,
> anti-vivisection, child labor, the right to vote, the environment.
> The one-hour discussion will touch on writers and thinkers such as
> Margaret Fuller, critic and author of Women in the Nineteenth Century;
> Elizabeth Cady Stanton, whose pioneer stand for suffrage resulted in
> her "Declaration of Sentiments"-- the first public demand by a women
> for the right to vote; Charlotte Perkins Gilman, a leading
> intellectual of the women's movement and author; and Mary Baker Eddy,
> founder of the Christian Science Church and "The Christian Science
> Monitor," as examples of those who pioneered new philosophical,
> political, economic, and religious thought that forever changed
> America.
> Ms. Juvelis and Ms. Baldwin will also describe how 19th century
> American fiction mirrored and prophezied the issues that were or would
> be hotly debated in the public arena--the most famous being Harriet
> Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin. Mrs. Stowe aided the evolution of
> new type of fiction in America--the local-color school--that relied
> less on plot and incident and more on atmosphere and character, and
> which were exemplified by writers Sarah Orne Jewett, Mary Wilkins
> Freeman, Mary Hallock Foote, among others.
> We hope you will join Ms. Juvelis and Ms. Baldwin for their
> examination of a time that saw the emergence of women as writers on a
> scale and degree never before possible.

Also, watch the Washington International Book Fair Web Site for the
upcoming "Book Fair Catalogue", a preview of books and other materials
that may be seen at the Fair.

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