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Re: The Appropriate Glues and things

A photo paper that takes a wide variety of surface media is available from
Luminos Photo Corp, PO Box 558, South Station, Yonkers, NY  10705, physical
address 25 Wolffe St, phone 1-800-431-1859 and is a fiber based paper
available in sheets and rolls, slightly heavier than double weight photo
paper. The surface is called Charcoal R. Also usable is Mural-R surface
which is a lighter weight paper. Luminos also sells Photographic Linen.
They have RC papers in Mural-R that would be easier to glue down etc but
I've never found the RC surface as suitable for surface applied media. I
worked with their papers for many years but no longer do darkroom work so
haven't ordered from them in quite some time. They will send samples.

As for glueing photos onto wood, I've always used PVA (straight), working
the bubbles out and LOTS of even pressure during dry time. I've used sanded
smooth wood sealed with diluted acrylic polymer medium which slows down the
absorption of the adhesive by the wood a bit.

If you wish more guidance on the photo end you can e-mail me off-list. I
would like to see slides of this final project sometime. Alicia -

Also, I'd be curious to know if any of you have
>experience with work of this nature - my drawing technique is such
>that I will need to scratch and draw onto the photographic images to
>integrate the two and form a cohesive whole.  What photographic
>paper would take this best?

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