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Re: Foot controls for Dremel Tools

I was glad to see this note.  I didn't know you can get a foot control,
but I can report that my own variable-speed Dremel (an OLD one) slowly
speeds up as I use it, and the control - a knob on the end of the shaft -
is a pain to moderate.  Guess I'd better check out the foot controls.  As
a former sewing-machine and dictaphone jockey, I'd prefer it anyway.

Judy Kerman

On Tue, 2 Sep 1997, Artemis BonaDea wrote:

> When purchasing a dremel tool, consider buying a single speed model and
> using a foot control.  It allows you to have use of both hands while you
> position the tool and start the drill very slowly, as well as change
> speed when needed.  Dremel tools also have a flexible shaft attachment
> which some folks really like.
> Artemis

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