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Re: African Bindings

In addition to the titles Susan has
so helpfully listed, I wholeheartedly
recommend ART THAT HEALS:  The Image As
Medicine in Ethiopia by Jacques Mercier
(Prestel/The Museum for African Art,
My Intro to Book Arts students are making
Ethiopian Protective Scrolls this semester
and I am documenting the project. (After
two entire weeks of classes, I am still
popular, further proof of the efficacy of
this Ethiopian tradition.)
ART THAT HEALS is the catalogue for the
exhibition at the Museum for African
Art in NYC.  Both exhibit and catalogue
are terrific.  The latter may be ordered
(case- or softbound) from Prestel-Verlag,
Mandelstrasse 26, 80802 Munich, Germany
49.89.381.7090 (tel) 49.89.381.70935 (fax)
Prestel-Verlag,16 West 22nd Street, New
York, NY 10010 USA
212.627.8299 (tel) 212.627.9866 (fax)

Tom Trusky
Idaho Center for the Book

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