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Place to start...?

          With the holiday season approaching more rapidly than I can
          possibly imagine, I was wondering if any of you had an idea
          of a place where I could start with a particular project.

          See, being part of the "recent graduate working a good job
          but paying off YEARS of debt" class, I find there is little
          money (if any at all) for gifts.  Also being one of the
          "loves to give gifts" people, this poses something of a

          I would like to make small books for people, I think.  I
          have wonderful beautiful handwriting for poems, "coupons"
          for services, etc., would like to also include a pocket of
          some sort for a small cross-stitched ornament or something,
          you know...just an eclectic mix of things.  However, I've
          NEVER made a book (except in Atlanta last spring during the
          Book Express thingy) and don't really know where to start.
          Lots of the stuff I've looked at is really specific and too
          heavy or advanced for me at this point...most assumes that
          the reader has lots of (or at least some) sophisticated

          I am, in the long term, interested in the principles and
          theories and everything else.  But for now, I am more
          interested in the "craft" side of it (please forgive me if
          that offends anyone -- I certainly don't intend for that to
          be so).  Can anyone direct me to a good basic "Book Making
          for Dummies" reference or other such thing?

          Thanks much -- anyone who can get me started will receive my
          undying adulation and will forever be my not-so-secret hero.



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