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Re: Place to start...?

Barbara Harman indited:
+Jennifer--A good beginning book with lots of options and a range of skill
+levels is Shireen LaPlantz "Cover To Cover". It is available in most major
+book stores, is still in print and not very expensive in paperback. If your
+local bookstore doesn't have it, they can easily order it for you.

Maybe I missed this, but just case...
Not to disparage book stores, but if you are on a tight budget, check
out the books from the library.  You can even get a whole stack of
books to look through for ideas.  Luckily the technology of the tools
isn't changing that rapidly and you can go a lot further with clever

If you don't want to use glues instead of spending the < $10 for a
bottle of PVA or YES glue, or ingredients for making your own
glues/pastes, you can use binding methods with are completely folded
(including the covers) or sewn or ...


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