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Place to start...?

Jennifer Schansberg <Jennifer_Schansberg@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>>  "... tight budget ... I would like to make small books for
    people, I think. I have wonderful beautiful handwriting for
    poems, "coupons" for services, etc., would like to also include
    a pocket of some sort for a small cross-stitched ornament or
    something, you know...just an eclectic mix of things. However,
    I've NEVER made a book ... and don't really know where to start.

For your _FIRST_ project, you might want to consider a simple
Japanese fold book.  These are very easy to make, and can be quite
elegant.  They're small (popular for favors), but could prove lovely
with your beautiful handwriting and the right poems and/or personal
messages, and accompanied by a handmade ornament.  I can provide
directions if anyone is interested.  An accordian-style book would
also be very simple to make, yet could look wonderful with a
beautiful handwriting.

For "real" bookmaking, I know of at least two videos that show the
basics.  Perhaps your library has one of them available.  That would
_SHOW_ you the steps if no classes are available in your area.

With respect to books, I found Rob Shephard's _Handmade Books_ ideal
for beginners since it illustrates each step.  (His video is also
excellent in actually showing the basic steps.)  _Cover to Cover_,
by Shereen LaPlantz, is especially popular (primarily because of the
photographs, which enable one to _SEE_ the finished book).

Good luck!


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