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Re: Place to start...?

Dear Jennifer,
Just wanted to send you a brief missive in reply to your "place to
start" question. My pal Johnny Cutroney sez you're in or near the
Washington D.C. area and seeing how's I'm a recent transplant from
the land of dirty politics D.C. to these dirt red hills of Alabama, I
thought I might share what book-related good will I found there.

1) Bookmakers, International -  out in Riverdale (near College Park)
bookmaking supplies for the beginning as well as the professional
conservation field. Cynthia Mowery is the proprietor. She & her staff
are very friendly & helpful. They are also very, very...I cannot
stress how very busy they are. Small space, small staff, and a huge
stack of orders. They are in the midst of renovating their catalog,
but they have an updated price list that you may find useful.
301-459-3384, I think.

2) the Corcorran School of Art - offers Book Arts (introductory
binding) courses, Letterpress, and Papermaking. All three are usually
offered as evening classes open to adults and undergraduate students.
Georgia Deal, head of the printmaking Dept. teaches Book Arts,
Rebecca Ghezzi teaches Letterpress. Both courses located downtown,
cross the street from the White House. Lynn Sures teaches papermaking
at the Georgetown  campus. Investigate! This may be your best bet.

3) Pyramid Atlantic, also out in Riverdale MD, actually next door to
Bookmakers, is a non-profit artist co-operative that offers special
courses. Get on their mailing list and see what you can find out.

4) I know the Guild of Bookworkers meet at the Folger Library and
they are receptive to interested guests, but I never got to a
meeting- always had to work... They may be a bit high brow, they are
professionals afterall, but that is not to say they wouldn't be

There are other opportunities in the D.C. area, but I cannot recall
any of the other major ones right now. Any of the 4 I listed ought to
know of some more alternatives. Check out the Book Fair at the
Corcoran... some weekend in November (22, 23, 24???) and sponsored by
Pyramid Atlantic. It ought to inspire you.
 good luck.

Terry Chouinard

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