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Re: Archive Woes

I did find an address for Suzanne Moore (the correct spelling of her =
name) in Mary McCarthy's book, "Making Books by Hand".  I also found in =
the archives a long posting that contained several different recipes for =
paste paper.  I can't wait to have time to try some of them.

Thanks to all for the help.

From:   Peter D. Verheyen[SMTP:pdverhey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent:   Thursday, September 04, 1997 9:00 AM
To:     BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject:        Re: Archive Woes

Use the searchform in either the archives or the book arts links section
and type in "pastepaper" without the quotes. You could also type in =
Moore. The search tool works, try it. It'll pull up most everything. In =
tutorials section you'll also find a compilation which Richard Miller =
together and posted to the list.


At 07:04 PM 9/4/97 EDT, you wrote:
>What am I doing wrong?  I can't seem to track down pastepaper
>directions prior to 1997 unless I weed thru each and every
>mssg posted in that yr. How can I search for pastepaper
>(Susan Moore's directions) thruout the archives?
>Thankyou so much!
>               Julie

Der Buchbinder als Architekt des Buches baut eine
Fassade seiner Zeit. Edwin Redslob

Peter Verheyen, Conservation Librarian
Syracuse University Library
Syracuse, NY 13244

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