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Re: Place to start...?

Jennifer--Another suggestion, for what it's worth: For the last two years I
have written a Christmas short story, formatted it on the computer so that it
pages correctly as a small booklet (4-up on an 8-1/2 x 11 page makes two
two-page spreads) and then copied it onto paper of my choice at Kinko's
(copies are double sided). You have to make a dummy to get the paging figured
out correctly. Cut in half across the height of the paper, assemble the pages
in the correct order, add a lightweight but decorative paper for the cover
and pamphlet sew with a decorative metallic thread. The finished booklet
(4-1/4 x 5-1/2") fits into an A-2 envelope, available at paper suppliers that
sell to businesses. Last year I made 100 and even sold some through the
Museum Shop at Minnesota Center for Book Arts. If you are artisticly
inclined, you can even do small illustrations in black and white, adding
color with watercolor or pencils after copying, without too much more
difficulty or time involved. Though 100 books was a little more work and
expense than I had bargained for (especially when you include postage), I did
have a sort of zen experience sitting in front of the TV doing the hand work.

Barbara Harman

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