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Re: Place to start...?

Hi Louise

I am interested in the Bookworks of the ISCA Quarterly
Only one problem I live in   Sydney, Australia.

John Skipper


> From: Louise Neaderland <Isca4art2B@xxxxxxx>
> To: BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: Place to start...?
> Date: Thursday, September 04, 1997 12:49 PM
> Dear Jennifer- I would be happy to send you  a back issue of the June Box
> Bookworks of the ISCA Quarterly containing 30-40 different little book
> ISCA is the International Society of Copier Artists. You can either
> this back issue ($15 plus $3 post.) or ust send a priority mail stamp to
> cover postage and I will send it on to you to peruse- and you can return
> when done. You might also look at Pauline Johnson's Creative Bookbinding.
> Very clear instructions and some very simple book forms.  Louise
> Neaderland/Director ISCA, 759 President St. #2H, B'klyn, NY 11215.

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