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Thanks for a place to start.

          You ALL have my undying adulation and are my not so secret
          heros...each and every one of you.

          Riverdale is a place I've been told of before -- no car,
          tough to get there.  It's very sad...  but will get on their
          mailing list nonetheless.

          Have a friend at the Corcoran but she's NEVER said anything
          about them offering introductory classes.  Maybe I'll have
          to check that out. (Course that raises the expenses but...)

          John, you KNOW I've got that pamphlet stitch down!!!  What I
          don't know is how on earth you remembered me? (For all, John
          Cutrone is the guy who helped me and my friend assemble our
          books at the Atlanta AAM "Book Express" event.  And, I even
          bought some of his gorgeous beautiful fabulous wonderful
          books while I was there.  They really are great.)

          I'll see if I can't find some of the books recommended in
          some library or another.  My guess is that our public
          library wouldn't have them so I might have to get a student
          at one of the many universities around here to sneak them
          out for me!

          Thanks a million and a half!

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