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Starting your own Clamshell (was Re: Clamshell boxes and Re: a place to start.)

Darryl Baird wrote:
+Title:                Boxes for the Protection of Books: Their Design
+                      and Construction
+                      boxes. L.C. ISBN 0-8444-0797-6. L.C. card 93-
+                      1994. Item 786.
+SuDocs Class:         LC 1.2:B 69/994
+ISBN:                 0-16-041956-5
+Author:               Carlson, Lage
+Available date:       05-20-94
+Subject Bibliography: 150BE
+Status date:          06-20-95

Cathy Atwood wrote:
+My public library is very small, but they have gotten lots of my requests
+via inter-library loan.  Just ask at your reference desk, and I'd bet that
+they can borrow all the recently-mentioned bookmaking titles for you.

Indeed, inter-library loan is a great thing, modulo instant
gratification.  Just last night I requested the book Darryl listed via
inter-library loan.  I asked the librarian how long it would take
(Actually, I said, "so it'll take 4-6 weeks, right?") and she said that
it could be as quick as a few days.  I'll know when I know, but it
isn't as slow as it used to be.

(Submitted on 9/5/97 at 1055 Eastern US time)

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