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Re: Place to start...?

Hi Jennifer,

<< With the holiday season approaching more rapidly than I can possibly
imagine, I was wondering if any of you had an idea of a place where I
could start with a particular project.>>

I thought I might give you a hint about where to get interesting papers.
I work with two local printers who save me all their paperscraps.  From
one of the printers I always receive small pieces of paper about 3 x 5
that would work perfectly for books.  I normally take boxes of the paper
to local pre-schools and elementary schools so that they can use the
paper but also keep small boxes for personal use.  The printers feel
good because they're not throwing the paper away, I feel good because
I'm recycling and doing my bit for the community and I get paper that's
cut for free.

Perhaps if you have some local printers near you - you could work out a
similar arrangement and that would at least give you some free paper to
start you on you're journey.

<< I would like to make small books for people,>>

I also attended the class in Atlanta and hope to make several small books
for Christmas.  I wish we had more local classes as I'd really be
interested in taking them.

I think I read briefly something about a place in Riverdale?  Is that
Riverdale, Georgia?  Do you have any info on this?



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