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Copyright Laws

In response to the _PUBLIC_ complaint about my post, I
would like to confirm that one's _WORDS_ are copyrighted.
For example, umpteen different books cover stab-bound
bindings, and each of those books is copyrighted -- because
each author's actual words and diagrams are not to be
reprinted without his or her permission.

There is also an issue of derivative copyright fraud,
wherein one reprints someone else's ideas and merely
changes the wording.  Likewise, there are patents available
for truly innovative ideas.

In this instance, however, I had posted step-by-step
directions for a type of booklet that has probably been
made for centuries.  Only my words, diagrams, and
particular innovations were copyrighted.

I have certainly learned my lesson:  I promise never again
to post directions here for anything.  At least I found out
before posting step-by-step directions for any other types
of books <sigh>.

Although I apologize for posting this to the list, since
the complaint was made publicly, I considered it important
to respond publicly.  (Although I, myself, will never
again make the mistake of posting directions for anything,
should questions of this nature arise in connection with
those posted by anyone else, I think it would be much nicer
to politely ask that person privately rather than posting
to the list ... or, of asking a general question rather
than complaining about someone in particular.)


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