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Folded Paper Book

I want to thank Mona Everett for raising the question about copyrights.
I too have wondered about this.  A wonderful paper book that I saw last
year had directions for a Danish basket (the red and white woven baskets
hung on Christmas trees).  Since my father came from Denmark in 1929
where he learned to make them as a child, I was aghast that someone had
a copyright on them. Now, thanks to Julia Springer's reply, I understand
that the directions are copyrighted.  But I didn't think Mona's question
was the least bit uncivil...it was asking for a point of clarification.
Our tone of voice does not come over the typewriten copy and how anyone
could assume Mona's question was less than civil is beyond my

And finally, thank you, Virginia Sauer, for giving us directions to your
little book.  Don't let one sour response keep you from sharing your

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