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Box o-books

I really didn't expect quite such a response to the message about the ISCA
Quarterly Annual Book Box !. The Quarterly has been around for 16 years, and
the Book issue for 12- so there is a good assortment of back issues
available, both 9of the spiral bound print issues ( which are very
interesting themselves if gfor no other reason to book artists than the
encyclopedia of xerographic techniques from using the coier as a camera for 3
dimensional objects (direct imaging) to distortion of text and image,
degeneration (breakdown of image from copying copies of copies) and numerous
other tricks of the electronic imaging trade.

Just as an aside- there is a large and well known Artists Book Fair coming up
in November in London. I am thinking of renting a table there for the Society
as well as for Bone Hollow Arts (my own publishing entity) I don't know the
cost yet (not cheap!} but you may wish to contact Marcus Campbell, 15
Piccadilly Arcade, London SW1V 6NH for information on your own.


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