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Re: Folded Paper Books

Dear Friends
Despite the storm that has arisen regarding the directions for the
folded book, I'd like to share the way I teach the folded books in
schools. And I hope that Virginia and others will continue to share. I
used to make it as she does using the exacto knife which is not a tool
favored by elementary school teachers. A teacher got me started on this
way using scissors, and I've made some adaptations along the way. I do
this with 50 kids at a time. I use 11 x 17 paper with the kids because
it gives a larger page size but 8 1/2 x 11 is fine. Another trick I
learned from teachers is to call the folds hot dog (vertical) or
hamburger (horizontal).

1. Fold the paper in half like a hot dog.
2. Open the paper.
3. Fold the paper in half like a hamburger.
4. Take one half of the paper and fold the edge back to meet the fold.
This will make a small hot dog fold.
5. Turn the paper over.
6. You have the other half of the paper in front of you. Fold the edge
back to meet the fold. This makes another small hot dog fold.
7. Place the paper on the table so that it forms a W if you look at the
end. You can also continue the hot dog metaphor and look it as a hot dog
(the center mountain of the W) in a bun (the two sides of the W).
8. Cut through the center fold to the next fold. You can think of it as
cutting the hot dog in half. You'll be cutting through 2 layers of
9. Hold the 2 halves of the hot dog from the top, with your wrists above
your fingers.
10. Turn your wrists to the side.
11. You will have an open book with 4 sections. It also looks like a 4
sided star.
12. Bring 3 of the sections together. Then fold the last on top of the
other three so that you have a flat book.

This gives you a little booklet with 8 pages. One of my suggestions to
teachers is a comic book of a myth. I used this as a project in my book-
the modern American contribution to the world of multicultural books.
Sometimes I glue on a folded cover to make a more finished book.
I hope this is comprehensible. I do have a direction sheet with
illustrations that I'd be happy to send to anyone interested. And it
does say that it is copyrighted. As everyone already knows, this refers
to the text and illustrations not the concept.

in good spirit,

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Newburyport, MA

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