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Getting over ourselves

Can we all get over ourselves and this petty little dispute. I've read them
all and didn't find any of it insulting, degrading, or otherwise troubling.
Copyright is a tough issue and there are a lot of ambiguities. Let's not
get to the point where people are afraid to post a thought because they
think someone else may steal it. All art is derivative, we all learned from
someone or somewhere. Nothing is truly created in a vacuum. One of the
things I've admired about this list the willingness of people to share
ideas, techniques, anything. Sometimes that means we don't agree. If we
always agreed I'd be really worried. Honest open discussion and debate are
what help us grow. I think we all need to develop a little thicker skins
and not let things get to us like this. I'm sorry this caused some to sign
off the list, but I would rather have real open discussion and debate with
fewer subscribers than insulted / hurt people keeping everything to
themselves and withdrawing. It doesn't prove anything

That said, let's get back to our regularly scheduled program.


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