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LG: re: Julie's flame & a ?

Julie--Thanks for clarifying my copyright question in your first email, but I
certainly don't think I was being nasty--just not-well-informed. If you've
read any of my previous posts, you know I am in over my head with this list
(altho' I have enjoyed all the knowledge that is shared and have picked up
tips and ideas I can use at my present level of bookmaking).  Many listees
have been very friendly, patient and welcoming me and accepting me for the
inexperienced but eager  learner I am and I do appreciate that. I thought the
purpose of the list was to exchange ideas and information. Excuse me if I
misread the intent before I subscribed. I simply asked a question and now you
have accused me publicly of flaming the author of the post I was referring to
by sending it to the entire list, in the same message where you suggest I
should have written directly to the author. I, too, prefer if someone has a
personal bone to pick with me, that they email me privately. So far, when
that has happened, it turned out to be a misunderstanding of the "tone" of
the wording--a difficult thing to sometimes get across on a computer. I have
never been publicly accused of flaming on any list in the three+ years I've
been on-line. I have been attempting to unsub  for about a week due to the
advanced content of the list, have followed all the directions (I have joined
and unsubbed from other lists, so I am not a complete dork) without success.
I did post a few days ago asking for help with this (another no-no--I know,
but I had already sent a message to the address in the welcome message and it
bounced twice) and have had no one offer to help me. Now, that I am evidently
persona non grata, I expect many will volunteer to help show me the door. How
'bout it, Julie? Or anyone? Thank you. This is the last post the list will
see from me regarding this issue. Mona

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