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Re: Bookplates

Linda indited:
+>Yes.  Of course, I have no idea what your collection consists of, but if
+you think that it may increase in value with age, altering it with the
+application of your bookplate could possibly have a negative affect on the
+value.  But who am I to say?  Perhaps your name might make the book even
+more collectible.  Honestly, I don't mean to sound sarcastic.  Wouldn't we
+all like to have our names mean something to someone, even it is
+posthoumously?  I'm just passing on a thought to you from my friendly local
+antiquarian book dealer.  It caused me to stop putting bookplates in all of
+my books indiscriminately.

Thanks for pointing that out.  There was a time when I collected books and
tried to keep them in pristine condition as an investment.  I decided that I
didn't want to invest in the environmental controls that would take, and then
I realized that I got much more enjoyment from using the books than from
collecting them.  When I scour used book stores for the long out of print
treasure, if I find two books in about the same physical condition, I usually
opt for the one that looks more like its owner read it.  Notes in the margin,


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