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Waxing Handmade Paper?

The information I have absorbed from this list is invaluable...and I finally
have a question worth asking!

I have made some handmade Cat Tail reed paper....it is quite
lovely....recycled brown bags and white cardstock cuttings with lovely green
and tan fibers of the reeds throughout.

I have used it as a book covering material, but no one seems to want to
purchase this book!  They pick it up admire the design and put it down.  I
overheard two customers as they were admiring this book, and it seems that
althought they feel the paper is lovely, texture, pleasing to the eye
etc....they feel that the "Hairiness" (is that a real word?) somehow makes
the paper less durable.

I recently discovered in the back of "Books, Boxes and Wraps" a procedure for
applying paste wax to handmade paper and am curious if anyone has ever
attempted this and what the results may be?

Is this a procedure that can be successfully accomplised with a more textured

Will the wax be sticky or tacky in the owners hand if held for prolonged
periods of time?

Should the wax be sealed with some sort of fixative or sealer after it has
been buffed to prevent tackiness?

I really want to preserve the natural appearence in the design of this book
so a clear contact paper or vinyl slipcase is definately out.  Any help?

Central NY

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