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No Disrespect for Folded Paper Books

And now for something completely different...

One of my favorite uses of this little book has been to print the
instructions and diagrams for making it on the single sheet with dashed
"fold" lines and a solid "cut" line, so when finished it tells how to make

Another wonderful use is to prove to a group of people that they can produce
a decorative book without artistic or bookbinding experience.  With the one
piece of paper in front of everyone, have them SCRIBBLE on one side with
something that makes a light-colored, bold-width stroke making sure to have
at least one mark in each eighth of the paper.  It is especially important
they are not making a painting, or trying to make something pleasing as the
paper lies.  Then, when the book is folded and cut, they can choose which of
the 4 verso pages gets to be the cover.  I've done it with A4 sized HMP to
ooooooh & aaaaah results with formerly protesting participants.

Most of the classes and workshops I've taught are for people who are very
interested in producing books, but don't know much about glues, paper and
board personalities, sewing, bone folders, etc.  The purpose of this
excercise is simply to loosen them up before building a multiple signature
book.  These books are nothing to sneeze at for this and many other purposes
and results.

I'd like to hear about more simple books and specific subscribers uses for
them.  (Now that the arguments have subsided.)

Little Rock, Arkansas

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