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Re: Waxing Handmade Paper?


Have you considered using a thinned-down methylcellulose "sizing" instead
of wax?  It will give you the results that you want, without any problems
with tackiness or the discoloration that wax will sometimes cause.  I use
it as an archival fixative for my marbled papers, and to bolster the
strength of handmade papers (or papers that have been washed to remove
water damage).

Take your standard-thickness methylcell adhesive, and thin it down with
distilled water about 7:1.  Apply with a hake or other soft brush, allow
to dry.  This _may_ cause the boards of the book to warp a bit, since
you've increased the strength of the paper on one side of the cover, but
you can compensate by either adding an additional paste-down paper on the
other side, or by applying the methylcell adhesive there, too.

Good luck!


  James T. Downey


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