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Signing Off THIS list

As a person who nearly died of frustration trying to sign ON
the list, I suspect one reason people have difficulty signing
OFF is the difference between the two lines in the name of the
list which none of us type after we are signed on because we
either reply to messages or use a nick.


I suspect some people can not get signed off because they forget:
the line between Book and Arts is an underline mark (shift and line
key).  The line between Arts and L is a dash (no shift with the line
key.)  Anyway, failing to notice this is why subbing was so difficult the
first time I did it, and when I tell people about the list, I explain
that difference carefully.

Now that I'm on, I'm learning from most of the messages and enjoying
the others anyway.  Even the strife brought out useful information
about copyright, creditbility, artistic temperament, communication
failures in the written word and who runs this list and how and why.

I trust none of you will mind if I use your messages in my "Writing
with Computers" class as examples of how important it is to choose
your words and sentence structure carefully when sending email
messages???  (Aw, I'm just kidding!)

Darlene Sybert vsa and abd

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