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Re: Private Postings

Hi Artemis: This is Bonnie Thompson Norman from Seattle. I am responding to
you because i always keep hoping that one of these days we will meet! I hear
you and Susan Share are in the same neck of the woods at the moment. Lucky
for you both. When are you coming to Seattle? My offer still stands for you
to come stay with me although my house is fast filling up. I now have two
roommates, my daughter, and my son living with me. You and I will have to
fight over the couch, I guess. I am having a friend of mine teach a workshop
this weekend in my studio on using a Gocco printer. She is a very fine artist
and uses the Gocco in a sophisticated and elegant style not often seen. It's
been fun. I do enjoy reading stuff on the list, but I can do without all the
personal stuff--gushing thanks or hurtful pride or whatever. Warm regards,

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