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Re: Book Arts Links: New section added.

In a message dated 9/7/97 7:53:52 AM, you wrote:

>On a different note, the subscriber who posted the comments concerning
>child molestation (directed at me)... has been removed from the list and
>banished for life. I will not tolerate that level of harassment on this
>list towards anyone. Further transgressions of this kind will dealt with
>immediately. There is a big difference between open debate, no matter how
>raucous and harassment!

Bless you Peter.  Hope you will stick to your guns re the banishment for life
for people like that.   She did say it wasn't true,  but in such a round
about wey.  What a stupid post.  She could have made her point in a tactful
manner,--or maybe she is incapable of grace and tact.  Loveya Norma

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