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I apologize

I apologize for any possible misunderstanding about my last post. I thought I
was being very clear stressing that it was an "IF" post and certainly not
serious. As I said then imagine if I'd posted that X was a child molester or
thief etc. and hadn't said in the same post that it wasn't true so this was
merely an example of what was so offensive about the copyright attacks. I
meant no offense and am sorry if I wasn't clear. I sure tried to make it
clear that that wasn't a serious accusation and sincerely can't imagine how
anyone could have taken it that way. What I was trying to show was how
terrible it is to post this kind of thing in public. I think Doug Phillip's
post was terrible and the nastiest I've ever seen on any listserve since it
was totally undeserved not like they'd been feuding or anything. I don't
think attacks like that belong on any listserve and that's what I was trying
to convey. I'm very sorry if I wasn't clear.

I was actually trying to make things better not worse. I'll leave now.

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