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Re: Folded Paper Book

Well, I guess I have to send in my 2 cents (why don't computer keyboards
have the correct sign for fractions of a $?).

1) I hate to lose one of the most valuable features of this listserv --
the sharing of ideas in a largely, written format using words that are
known by most of us.

2) I have always assumed that what is true for my photographs and books
is true for the written word.  A work is considered copywrited by the
person who produced it and formal application for this status is not
needed.  That is, unless you want to litigate.  The list archives should
have the discussion of this issue of many months ago.  Doesn't the same
thing apply to the written word--it is protected when it is written?  Can
someone clarify?

3) Credit should be given for all quoted material.  To do otherwise is to
plagiarize (regardless of what Tom Lehrer sings!).

4) This listserv would be of no use if there were no sharing.  What would
happen when someone saw one of your books and used the particular format
in one of their own?  If we put stuff out there in galleries, museums, on
our walls, electronically, etc. we have to expect that it may be adapted
by another person.


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