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Re: the latest uproar

To all,
Why must we argue? Why must we correct? Why must we always be right? Why
must we be understood? Why can't we all agree to disagree? This is a
wonderful list. There is much to learn here. To become offended and
remove yourself from the list, is a bit like cutting off your nose to
spite your face. Why don't we try respecting our collective right to our
own opinion? Why must we get our blood pressure up over messages that
will disappear at the tap of a key. Life is too short. None of this will
matter to anyone in a day or two, unless, of course, we continue to
bicker about it for another day or two.
If you are truly concerned that your ideas or techniques will be stolen,
you should keep them to yourself. Anything posted to a list is posted to
the world and will be used as each recipient sees fit. Your work can be
stolen, duplicated, or trashed by anyone in any corner of the world and
chances are, you will never know it. The only way to truly protect
oneself is to burrow into a hole forever. To think that you can control
anything that is posted to a list is ludicrous.
Bah Bye,

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