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Re: Place to start...?

Barbara Harman wrote:
> Jennifer--Another suggestion, for what it's worth: For the last two years I
> have written a Christmas short story, formatted it on the computer so that it
> pages correctly as a small booklet (4-up on an 8-1/2 x 11 page makes two
> two-page spreads) and then copied it onto paper of my choice at Kinko's
> (copies are double sided). You have to make a dummy to get the paging figured
> out correctly. Cut in half across the height of the paper, assemble the pages
> in the correct order, add a lightweight but decorative paper for the cover
> and pamphlet sew with a decorative metallic thread. The finished booklet
> (4-1/4 x 5-1/2") fits into an A-2 envelope, available at paper suppliers that
> sell to businesses. Last year I made 100 and even sold some through the
> Museum Shop at Minnesota Center for Book Arts. If you are artisticly
> inclined, you can even do small illustrations in black and white, adding
> color with watercolor or pencils after copying, without too much more
> difficulty or time involved. Though 100 books was a little more work and
> expense than I had bargained for (especially when you include postage), I did
> have a sort of zen experience sitting in front of the TV doing the hand work.
> Barbara Harman

Dear Barbara:

BTW, could you tell me where the Minnesota Book Arts place is that you
referred to in this post?  TIA!

Red (a fellow Minnesotan living in the South!)

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