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Gift Books

Dear Friends
        I believe I made a posting regarding an upcoming book by Jean Kropper
called Handmade Books and Cards from Davis Publications, Inc in
Worcester, MA. It's just out and I've just gotten a copy. I think it
would be a great book for those interested in making books as gifts. The
focus is on simpler forms and cards, lots of interesting ideas, some
info on patterned papers. I haven't followed any of the directions
step-by-step yet but in reading through they seem clear.
        I second the suggestions to use inter-library loan. I've been able to
borrow a lot of good books that way. And if you like them and you think
they would appeal to others, request that your library purchase them. If
I inter-library loan a good book, I make sure I show it to the librarian
when I return it and suggest that she take a look at it with a thought
toward ordering it. Sometimes she does.

in good spirit,

Susan Kapuscinski gaylord
Newburyport, MA

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