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Waxing Handmade Paper?

 I routinely use microcrystaline wax on paper I have used to cover
boards or boxes.  It darkens the paper initially, but only once has the
darkening remained after the wax dried.  I put it on with a piece of
waxed paper, so sometimes it streaks, but this doesn't matter after it
has dried.  On a rough textured paper one might need to be more careful
in the application, or perhaps use a thin paste wash to make sure the
bits were all firmly attached to the matrix before waxing?  Anyhow, the
paper is a bit harder and more water resistant after waxing.  I often
buff it a bit with a soft cloth when dry to raise a sheen on the paper
 I would suggest trying a bit of wax on a paper scrap and letting it
dry well before applying wax to the full sheet or covered piece.  I do
the waxing after covering so that I don't have to worry about the wax
interfering with areas where I will be applying glue.
 Dorothy Africa

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