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Re: Bookplates

One solution to the dilema of whether to bookplate or not to bookplate
would be to adhere the bookplates only on the four corners with a small
amount of starch paste.  That way they would stay in place when being
used (but perhaps not when being abused) and in the eventuality someone
wanted them removed, they could more easily moisten just the four corners
to remove the bookplate.  And if done properly, you don't have to
worry so much about cockling or introducing too much moisture to the
book cover or bookplate.


        Eric Alstrom     Athens, Ohio    ealstrom1@xxxxxxxxx
By all means leave the road when you wish.  That is precisely the use
of a road:  to reach individually chosen points of departure.  By all
means break the rules,  and break them beautifully,  deliberately and
well. That is one of the ends for which they exist.
                     R. Bringhurst: The Elements of Typographic Style

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