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Re: latest uproar very minor

I would like to add another comment  ( and I am not going to apologize for

extending the discussion, folks! )

I think it is wonderful that so many of us share FREELY with each other

about our experiences, techniques and little clues/learned-from-making mistakes.

This is an enriching, generous, loving outpouring of information.

Very little given out is of earth shaking import.  Nothing given here is

going to make the difference between riches and poverty.  There is room for

everyone and their ideas and knowledge.  Indeed, when Richard Minsky or Brian

Queen  or  Susan Gaylord  or any other garu shares with us their vast know
how -

we would still  have to outdo them in a BIG way to be any competition to their

job tenure, income, or status.  It's sort of a free market capitalism that

absolutely flourishes and gets more and more rich and diverse.

Keep it all comin'  !!  (If you dont like the "clutter"  then  -  delete.)


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