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Re: the latest uproar

Kerrie Weldner wrote:

> But copyrighting legally prevents people from just reposting it
> over and over again on every listserve and bb in the world. And if
> they publish
> it, you can sue and collect damages.
> But your comment is why folks like me won't share on this list.

  Why o' why does everyone fear this so much? I feel a time has come to
drop all pretentions of "genius" and learn that giving and taking is a
natural flow of information. If you only take, you're a parasite. If you
only give, you're God or a raving egotist.

The purpose of this list is sharing. Without this sharing the list
suffers and dies.

Has anyone who has posted "I won't share" messages proud of this stance?

I finish by quoting John Cage, "I've nothing to say and I'm saying it."

Can we close the gaps in our group and proceed now?

--Darryl Baird

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