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In light of the recent controversy on copyright, would
someone like to volunteer to review for the Guild of
Book Workers Newsletter a recent book on copyright
questions -- _A Copyright Guide for Authors_ by
Robert E. Lee (Stamford CT: Kent Press, 1995).
GBW Newsletter reviews run 500-700 words typically
though this one might be a bit longer.

I have a review copy in hand which I can forward

Thanks....................Sid Huttner, GBW Newsletter
                          Book Review Editor

Sidney F. Huttner . Curator, Special Collections . McFarlin Library .
2933 East 6th Street . Tulsa, OK 74104-3123 . Phone: 918-631-3133 .
         Fax: 918-631-5022 . Email: huttner@xxxxxxxxxx .
          McFarlin home page: http://www.lib.utulsa.edu

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