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Re: Bookplates + observation

We've gotten the votes on bookplates and value. Does anyone know how
seals (you know, embossers/ notary public hand devices) effect the
value. I suppose it can't be good, but I like them so much and
definitely haven't put them in my older books.

Also, from someone who works in the online industry, it has be really
amazing to see the effect of this copyright debate on this list. Of
course, copyrighting is a very hot topic for online formating
particularly for artist and writers. For those of you concerned about
posting images on the Internet you should investigate digital watarmarks
that are very promising and are sometimes now designed to operate using
undectectable sound waves: hot technology! But also, it is unbelievable
that over three people have indignantly abandoned the list because of
this. The Internet has been define by many observing groups potentially
move in two ways:
1) As an inhuman free-for-all where a society already distanced from
each other can use electronic communciation to treat each other as
machines and then not take responsibility for their comments. Anonymous
2) To establish an innately human realm where the consiousness reigns
and ideas can be exchanged and debated by people without geographic
barriers.A type of Communication Evolution. Remember the world defining
concept of The Ether in previos centuries?

For more on the debate look at the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Web

Americans are self righteous lot to begin with, often the anonimity of
the Internet gives people the courage to lambast others in ways that
they would probably not in a face-to-face situation. I would only hope
that this list, that is populated by so many artists and skilled people
that seem to appreciate the beauty of human imagination and potential,
will see fit to DROP THE EGOS and give each other a break.

Looking for the best,



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