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Re: Private Postings

Hello Bonnie Thompson Norman, how are you?  I too hope to meet you one
day.  I'm always inspired by your mailings for classes at your press.
I'm not traveling much these days - now I have the time but no money.
When I had the big State job I had the money but no time. That's life I

Yes, Susan Share is here for about 5 more months and I'm taking
advantage of the situation without (hopefully taking advantage of
her!).  She's quite fun and just a bit overwhelmed by the change of NY
to Anchorage (they are not much alike).  We've also been visited by
Susan kay Grant from Texas Women's College (photographer and book
artist) and tomorrow Susan Lightcap (paper maker and book artist)
comes thru on her way to Homer (very small Alaskan town) and we will
all spend a day together.  This is more book contact in than I've
every had in Alaska.

Thanks for your offer of housing in Seattle.  I have a couple of
good friens there from when I lived there in the 70's so I think I
wouldn't have to displace you from the couch!  My partner, Lori, and
I are planning a trip to Florida in late November and it should
include a few days in Seattle.  I would love to meet you and see
your bindery.  Maybe you'd like to visit Alaska one day?  You're more
than welcome anytime.

I would love to do the Gocco printer workshop.  I have a big one but
haven't used it much - and even then with mixed result.

I'm with you on this latest round of muck on the Book Arts List.  The
hardest thing for me is when the injured parties characterize the List
as viscous.  It's such a lifeline for me and positive 98% of the time
that it's just not fair.  I'll be glad when this is over.  Several
friends on different lists assure me this is common from time to time
but it's silly.

Thanks for posting.  Artemis

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