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removing cuttings from a book

Knowing that there are paper conservators out there on this excellent
list, can a printer pose the following question please?

I recently bought a book printed in 1900 on heavy handmade paper
(about 250gsm). Opposite the title page and in several other places, a
number of newspaper cuttings have been pasted in. They are of course
nice and brown and have made the facing pages nice and brown too. I
could leave them in. I could remove them as cleanly as I can. Once I
have removed them I could seek further help on removing the stain from
the stained pages it I could just leave it there. Suggestions? I
should say that I don't think these cuttings add to the value of the
book so I don't have any problem throwing them away.

Best regards, Martyn
             Martyn Ould, The Old School Press, The Green,
                Hinton Charterhouse, Bath BA3 6BJ, UK
                       e-mail mao@xxxxxxxxxxxx
           web page at http://www.praxis.co.uk/ppuk/osp.htm

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